You and your family

A Shiv Yogi should never indulge in a negative action. What is the motive of your life? What do you want? You grow. You want to grow. You have to ascend. So, you don't indulge in something that can pull you down. You seek illumination. So, don't do anything that can create darkness. So, accept everyone in your family, regardless of how they are. Some of them love you. Some of them fight with you. Some of them help you. Some of them taunt you. It doesn't matter how they are. Accept everyone the way they are. Accept everyone without any condition. Just accept them. Because everyone's Karmas are different. Because everyone's sole agenda is different. And I appreciate, I accept, and I accept all, the way they are. If you are willing to accept everyone the way they are, nothing will ever hinder your growth in life. Learn to accept everyone the way they are. You must learn to love unconditionally. No matter whomsoever it may be, you must learn to love them unconditionally. You must never hate or scorn anyone. You must never think of causing anybody harm, or even think of hurting anyone.

Another think is the attitude of gratitude. When someone does well to you, you must have a sense of gratification towards him. I must have the gratitude. Show gratitude towards your parents, towards your school teachers, towards the society, towards your home, and also show gratitude towards your servants, domestic help and other who work for you. You must never judge anyone by how rich they are. Observe how a person helps the others. The more gratitude you show to the other, the more you will rise, the more your luck will favor. This is why, I hold a higher position than yours.' It's your duty to serve me.' These are wrong notions. One must never think this. Whoever serves you, always maintain a feeling of humbleness, and gratitude towards them. These are basic fundamentals for one who wants to gain more spiritual power. If you want to increase the miraculous powers within you, these are the basic fundamentals you must follow. The light and hope within yourself must be proportionate to the troubles and dark phrases of your life. You must balance your troubles by practicing proportionate amount of good deeds. The proportion of prayer, service and collective worship must be equivalent to each other. You will realize that the dark times are going way to good times. Your life will get better. If you fall sick, first and foremost, admit that you misused your body. Admit that you misused your emotions and your mind. Admit that you had negative thoughts and negative emotions. Admit that you ate junk food. Then say I must' pay the price,' and what is the price? Now I will have to eat healthy food.' I will have to have natural food.' Shift to nature.