Clearing your indebts

Everyone is indebted. We have to clear it. Only then one can move ahead in life.

We are indebted to our parents. Love your parents immensely. Learn to forgive your parents. They love you. Sometimes they don't know how to express it. As they aren't able to express, you should be sympathetic. Love and compassion. You should be compassionate towards them that even though they don't know still they are trying to do it. Then teach them. This is the debt of the parents. The one who pays off this debt, turns his life into a prosperous one. Love your parents. They are very precious. Clearing their debt should be your priority. Adapt this in your culture. It will bring good fortune. The family is very fortunate in which three generations live together. Due to the increasing trend of nuclear families, alcoholism is increasing. Due to nuclear families there are drug addictions. It's because values are imparted by elders only. When elders are present in the family there's a sense of shame and respect.

Clear the debt of your parents. The time when you were young and helpless, who helped you raising? Your mom carried you in her womb for nine months. You have a responsibility towards her. You must repay back. The repayment can't be done with the money. It comes from feelings. It is done by taking care. As much as you love your elders, you will be healed. Your chakras will open. Love and kindness. Such should be your attitude. This should be your intention towards the family. That's very important. Show love and kindness. First of all, you should love your elders. Clear the debt of your parents. You wouldn't have existed without them. They have made you what you are.

Next debt is towards the guru (teacher). That's because guru gives you the direction. Guru gives you knowledge. Guru helps you fight the troubles in life. He tell you the way to happiness. He teaches you how to ascend spiritually. The guru teaches you all this.

Parents give birth to your physical body. Guru gives birth to your spirituality. They give birth to your spiritual body. Therefore, you have to clear the debt of a guru. It means you should develop feelings towards him. You should develop a pure intention. When you greet him or pay gratitude towards him, your knots become undone. Your chakras are opened. Your attitude changes. Second is clearing the debt of guru.

Third debt is towards your spouse. A wife leaves her home and family to be with you forever, you should have feeling of love and tolerance towards her. Feeling of tolerance should be prominent.

This is mentioned in our scriptures. Goddess Lakshmi enters in the family. She comes to us. The one who accepts her gains prosperity. The one who doesn't accept her become a pauper. The first form of Goddess Lakshmi in the family is when a daughter is born. She is the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi. When you observe carefully you will find that many people who accept the birth of a daughter as a blessing, their grown in life increases after the birth of the daughter.

Secondly, goddess Lakshmi comes in the form of a daughter-in-law in the family. That's why there's a ritual to spread rice grains. She throws rice on entering the new house symbolizing that she has bought prosperity with her. If we raise issues at that time and ignorantly refuse to accept her, then troubles start coming in life. That's the beginning of miseries and sufferings. She is the second manifestation of Goddess.

The third form is the eldest lady in the family. They are the parents.

Also when you recite the Durga Saptashati there are three form of goddess, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. All the three forms are mother, daughter-in-law and daughter. They all are present in your family.

Similarly, the girl who has been married should also clear her debts, she is also indebted to her husband. He is the one who works hard to take care of you. You should be respectful towards his parents.

In the initial phase of marriage, the relationship is on the physical level but it should transcend to a spiritual level. Only that will signify your growth. When a seed is sown in the earth, it doesn't remain a seed anymore, it dissolves its existence and grows into a tree. Similarly, after getting married if the relationship only remains up to the physical level and doesn't transcends to the level of mind and soul, it becomes a reason for divorce. That's the reason for divorce. They happen due to lack of growth. There is no spiritual growth. There's no spiritual growth at all. In the absence of it, people behave badly towards each other, hurt each other and do many things. You must learn to accept. You should accept the new daughter-in-law in your house.

After that you have to clear the debts of the earth. The earth that you live on and use for serving our purpose, you have to clear the debt of that part of the earth, that region.

These are the facts.

So, these debts when cleared, leads to good fortune in one's life.

There's another good solution for clearing God's debt. Whatever you earn, make sure you donate a certain share of it. Donating food is the best charity. You should run as many charity kitchens as you can. This is the way to bring good fortune in your life. This is a process to heal you spiritual body.

Do charity and plant trees. Practice cleanliness, and feed the poor, it leads to good fortune. If you are facing troubles in your life try practicing charity, you will definitely have good fortunate.