Your Daily Routine

The morning are for prayers. You should practice meditation and the recitation of the holy text. Follow the Shri Vidya meditation. Devote one hour regularly.

You are prone to get distracted soon. You are used to a fickle mind. You are restless and sorrowful. So when you experience peace you will be startled.

Devote 15 minutes in the morning for prayers. It is a must. You should meditate without fail. Include your body, your breathing, and senses. Your speech and then mind. You should learn to regulate your breathing through these pran kriyas.

After this the best time to meditate is in the morning. Practice physical exercise. As it is one of the 3 austerities. Next comes all the five bodies. You need to align them together. They should be aligned. Physical rigor is therefore necessary. After that it's the austerity of the recital of Durga Shptashati is very beneficial. A mantra recitation of the texts activates the power and energy that is dormant within you. All the atoms in your body will be energized.

Physical rigor (stretch and sweat) by yoga and exercise. After that it is the turn of the 5 bodies. Practice the pran kriya.

After that practice austerity of speech. After that comes the austerity of mind.

After doing all this in the morning you should invest your day in earning well for your living. Include charity in your daily responsibilities.

The time at night are to practice peace. It's with your family. Spend time with your parents when you return from your workplace, leave everything behind and just focus on your family members. Sit with them. Share laugher and happiness. Give them love.