Your Beliefs

Shiv Yog says, rise when you realize. Your current state is not important. You cannot walk is not important. You have grown old is not important. Important is what you want to do or become. Where do you want to reach is important. And you must have a burning desire.

If you have ability to create a trouble then you can defeat your trouble, you can cure yourself. Baba Ji says that he believe that you can change yourself completely. You can reshape your body. Because this body is created by the soul. Soul which has infinite power. But this will be done by your mind. Ancient scriptures say, “The mind create and the mind face.” It takes the power from the almighty. He is the architect. Mind is the architect.

What are its tools?

The tool are your beliefs.

And what are beliefs?

Beliefs are the thoughts with energy. Thoughts which are merged with energy. And the thoughts which are popping up continuously which are moving with the energy the thought with emotion is the thought in motion. And that thought in motion is a belief. And that belief is your architect. It is also the architect of the ill body, it is also the architect of decease. You transform it and make it a belief of a perfect body. I am healthy, whole and complete. Make this your belief and you will see wonders. The soul is the giver, creator. I am the creator. And it is supplying in ample. And the mind carries out. Mind is the doer. And mind is the receiver. It does and it bears.

What should your mind create?

What you want. Don't make mind do, or let it do what it is doing ignorantly. Make it do what you want it to do.