Soul is the energy created by God, which comes in the living entities (human, plants, animals, creatures) at the time of birth and remains inside until the death. It never dies. Soul goes in human body and stays deep inside the skull. It is said that the size of the Soul is very small no one can see it.

Everyone who is born has to die. God has kept secret about birth and death. It is not in the hand of an individual when and how a person will die. When a person is born they bring their destiny (Karma from previous life) with them. From the birth till death they do some good things and some bad things, which add to their account with god for destiny (Karma) of next life.

God has no control over a person what he/she does and does not do during the living with the exception of Health, Wealth and Marriage.

Nine Planets also give energy to human body through top center of our head and then that energy spreads all over the body. Astrologist predicts feature based on when (date and time) individual was born and the position of these planets at the time of birth. Numerologists gave each planet number (1-9).

Vedas is the oldest book on earth. No author has written it. Original Vedas are written in Sanskrit and were translated into English, Hindi and many other languages. It explains about the life and all the Science human needs to know about life and how to survive on earth.

Human (Man and Woman) is the most intelligent animal on earth. God has also given him the flexible body no other creature has on earth.

Each man/woman has its own identity. Everyone has different looks. Their fingerprints are different.

Life started on earth more than billions of years ago. Through the time their looks have changed as the time went on. It is said by Archeologists that millions of years ago our ancestors were Monkeys. Because of spreading in different part of the world and depending of geographical location their looks changed based on where they were.

Materialistic Things a person runs after the things not related to god is called Materialistic things.

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