Why We Are Born

The purpose of our life (or we are born) is to enjoy the world nature created by God and to complete the journey from Human to God.

It is written in the Upanishads that this body is the Chariot. The passenger is the spirit of the human (not Soul, Soul is above all the bonds). The spirit is possessed by the mind by its negative and positive beliefs. The spirit that take birth is the passenger. He is the human (can be both male and female) he is sitting in the chariot. The spirit possess the body because the human spirit that prevailed in the universe it wanted to complete the journey. Since many previous births my journey was incomplete and I was stuck. I have to finish that journey.

That's why it brings along its body as chariot with him. My five senses are the horses of the chariot. The mind is the charioteer. If the charioteer (mind) is in my control and if I know where I have to go I can command him.

He has been born to complete his journey from being Man to God, the Supreme Power. That's why every human being has got 24 hours in a day.