His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji

After listening to Baba Ji (His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji) I was inspired of writing this page about Shiv Yog. Since ZeeTV started this program in the morning I have been watching every day.

I never met Baba Ji nor did I attend any of his Shivir. However, the way he explains every thing in detail about Shiv Yog and how it is related to our life I started taking interest in listening him.

Another reason for me to believe in him is every thing he talks about is written in the Vedas and they are written in Sanskrit and translated into English. However, it is not easy to follow as it is written too long in detail. Baba ji explains in a very short and descriptive manner. You can follow easily what ever he is trying to say.

Babaji travels all over the country and put his Shivir for 7-9 days in each city. He says he is not God; he is only a messenger of god. Shiva wants that we all should know who are we? Baba ji is trying to teach and open everyone’s eyes explaining about who we are? He says we all are part of Shiva and Shiva is within us and we have all the powers. He wants us to learn to activate these powers within us.

Few of his quotes:

‘You are the creator of your own destiny.’

‘Man was born to experience the best f the best planet earth could offer.’

‘Accept everyone the way they are.’

‘The only thing that is yours is unconditional love.’

‘You are not the body, you are the soul.’

‘A spiritual person is one who does not carry the load of psychic impressions.’

‘You be the book and you be the reader and you shall find the truth.’