Shall we survive on and after 12/21/2012             Today's Date: June 17, 2010

Back in April 2010, I was listening on Bhakti Sutra, ZeeTV lecture of His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji , father of Indian healing. He was talking about 12/21/2012 in his Kalkotta Shivir.

We all know mother Earth, you the human body, has energy.

Srishti goes from 1 dimension to another up to infinite dimension. Earth is ascending and we have divided infinite dimensions into 7 categories. Mother Earth is at third dimension (Mrityu Lok), next is Bhurva Lok, Swarg Lok, Mahar Lok, Jan lok, Tap lok, Sidh lok, Brahm Lok.

Back in 1960 mother earth was vibrating at 7 hertz resonant. Since then, quantum shift in spirituality the changes in thinking started and in next 1 and ½ years on 12/21/2012 the vibration of mother earth will be at 14.8 hertz resonant. This is because mother earth is ascending and on 12/21/2012 mother earth will enter from 3 rd dimension into 4 th dimension.

After so many millions of years a human can enter into 4 th dimension because of mother earth. Previously the human could enter into fourth dimension only by doing Sadhna (meditation). There are many Rishis who are already in fourth dimension while doing meditation. We cannot see them because we are vibrating in a lower frequency. To perceive them we will have to vibrate at a higher frequency as they are. It is a law of physics.

It is said in shastras a time will come in Kalyug when all the Rishi’s souls will be reborn. If they will do little bit of Sadhna now, their Sadhna will be equal to 1000 years of Athak Sadhna.

2012- 2028 period is the transformation period for the human being where you will find lots of budhas and sidhas who have completed sakshatkar. This is because you will be entered into higher dimension. Today you cannot see them because they are vibrating into higher frequency and you are still in 3 rd dimension and vibrating into lower frequency.

If you compare kids who were born before 1987 and who are born now. The kids who are born now, their consciousness is more superior or at a different level because divine souls are giving birth. This is because they have to bring humanity and planet to a higher dimension. They have come to save and to give direction to the humanity.

This is the time you should get prepare to raise your vibration by doing Sadhna, unconditional love to others, and by excepting others the way they are.

I am adding this of my own:
I was listing on ZeeTv the other day about the Souls. According to saints few souls stay on earth after death and most of these souls we can find at the religious places like temples and Gurudwaras. We cannot see them. However, we can feel them. After listening to Baba Ji, I think these souls we cannot see must be those Rishis who are still alive but we cannot see them because they are vibrating at higher frequency. We can feel them when they are there at the religious places.