Mool Mantra: Om Namah Shivay

Inspired by: His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji

'Shiv' means Infinite and 'Yog' means Union . 'Shiv Yog' means the union with the infinite. Each one of us has infinite potential and Shiv Yog is the process of unfolding this infinite potential; it is the process of transcending all our limitations to achieve the abundance of health, prosperity and success.

Shivyog is knowledge to awake of hidden powers. You are Soul, Shiv is within you, and you are Shiv.

You are born with a Devine purpose. Your purpose is to find the ultimate truth, who am I? I must experience who am I? I must know who am I?

Universe is made of Energy, Earth is made of Energy, and Human body is made of energy. Energy is made of Vibrations. Disturbed energy develops deceases in our body. The treatment is Healing Power. In Shivyog, every thing is measured in energy.

Space has Atoms and each atom has neutrons, protons and electrons. Also Atoms have energy.

When we breath these atoms go into our body and converts into cells. Our body is made of cells and has positive energy. There are thousands of cells in our body and these cells are destroyed and new healthy cells with positive energy take their place every day. This means we should not have any decease in our body. However, the negative energy cells get into our body and develop deceases. The negative energy does not come from out side. It develops into cells through our mind, what we think and say in every day life.

It is said that what we speak travels in the air and also stores in our incautious mind. If we talk negative about someone or do any thing negative it develops bad Karmas and after sometimes (could be in our next life) it comes out and create Dukh for us.

When you develop faith, devotion and trust plus dedication, the ego vanishes on its own.

In human, there are 5 bodies:

  1. Physical body (visible) is made of (cells) RNA, DNA, Chromo Zone (Scientific terms)
  2. Bioplasmic body (Pranmay Kosh, not visible ) made of live energy
  3. Astral body (Manomay Kosh, not visible) made of positive energy vibrations
  4. Consul body (Gyaanmay Kosh, not visible) made of eather
  5. Super consul body (Anandmay Kosh, not visible) (Satchit Anand)

Life force energy sustains physical body and supply Pran Shakti. Life force energy requires Solid (Sthool) body.

Your Indriyan are controlled by Heart, Heart is controlled by Mind (Buddhi), Mind is controlled by Soul (Atma).

There are 5 conscious mind:

  1. Individual conscious mind
  2. Sub conscious mind
  3. Super conscious mind
  4. Cosmic conscious mind and
  5. There is Sakar, end (Nirgun avastha) or Shiva conscious mind

We have cosmic connection between each other. Any happenings in the world the strong layers transfer to our cellular memory. Body vibrates on that level. A vibration materializes that news.

How the Decease enters in your body:

The decease does not come in human body directly. It has an invisible power. It comes in that power and then it comes in physical body.

Endocrine secretion is controlling secretion. The secretion of hormones is happening differently in each body that is controlling the deceases of every human.

Decease is the difference accumulated negative energy produced by the person himself.

Negetive Energy:

If your intention is impure then the energy you develop will be negative energy.

Cannibal, means you are killing other human beings (screaming others or yelling etc)

Brahm Hatya – Human’s hatya is called Brahma hatya because Brhma is within human.

Human hatya could be in terms of words, in term of Bhav, in terms of Bhavna, or in terms of action. It is Brahma hatya doesn’t matter how you do it.

Shall this world be destroyed on or after 12/21/2012

Psychic Impressions (Samskaras), Feeling of helplessness
1. Emotion of fear
2. Emotion of phobia
3. Emotion of guilt
4. Emotion of resentment
5. Emotion of greed

Negative Emotions Steps to get decease in your body
a. Ahankaar
b. Irritation
c. Anger
d. Stress
e. Negative psychic impressions
f. Psychosomatic factors
g. Decease in the body

A Human Enhancement towards the God

1. Pashubhav (Animal behavior)
2. Sthool Shareer
3. Yog Shareer
4. Naad Shareer
5. Sidh Shareer
6. Jyotirmay Shareer

1. Pashubhav
2. Manushya Bhav
3. Dev Bhav
4. Parmatma Bhav

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