Shiv Yog - Shiva and Shakti

The word Shiva is the name of infinity. Shiva means the one who is infinite. His name is Lord Shiva. And what does the word yoga suggest? It is the process to connect with the infinite. To get connect with the infinite. It is the sole goal of our life. That is the reason we are born. Regardless what we are, whether we are good or bad, whether we are weak or strong we have to connect with the infinite. So the way we define ourselves. Like I am poor, I am rich. I am healthy. I am sick. We shouldn't define ourselves in the way. There should be only one definition. “Infinite”. The name Shiv Yog the word Shiva means infinite. And the word, Yoga in it suggests the process to connect with the infinite. The one who attains the Shiv Yog becomes the infinite. And what is the identity of a common man? Someone would say that he is healthy. Someone would say that he is an import leader. There were more important leaders that him in the past. There will be more important leaders than him in future. He may not remain an important leader for his entire life. If you say you are a rich man. Then there can be people richer then you. There will be people less rich than you. And you can live his entire life as a rich man. Or you can lose your wealth as well. Nothing stays forever. I am healthy. So you can be healthier than you are now. And you can be less healthy than what you are now. I am really sick. You will get people sicker than you. And you will get people less sick than you. So there is always more to it. And the day you attain Shiv Yog there will be nothing ahead of you and nothing behind you. Infinite has neither a beginning nor an end. The goal of human life. What is the motive of your life on the earth? There are two aims of our life. Lord Krishna says you should live your life 200%. You have got a body to fulfil the material goals in your life. You should make progress as much as you want. That's also necessary. But with it you have an incorporeal body as well. Like this physical world, there is an incorporeal world also exists. Every human being knows this physical world. This physical word is the center of his every action. But he doesn't think about the incorporeal world. So the Lord says that the remaining 100% is your inner subtle self. You should strive for its ascension as well. You should expand your inner consciousness. Then only you can connect with the infinite. Shiv Yog. Shiva means the infinite. And the word, yoga means connecting with the infinite. And this yoga technique, this Shiv Yog meditation, it has been there for ages. It has been there since Vedic era. The sages used to practice it even before that. And what do they say about God and religion? It is said that the Supreme Being. You are a body. You are a soul. That is your subtle body. Then there is Supreme Being. When this whole universe unite, then it is called the Supreme Being. So the God is no different than you. He is within you. And you are a soul. Because if you read the scriptures they say that you are not the body. You just own it. You are not the mine. You are its master. Then what is yours? Who are you? You are not the body. You are that supreme consciousness. Shambhavi Meditation is the first step in Shiv Yog. The first step in Shiv Yog is to know your own body. First of all, know your body. With the help of it you have to prepare your body for the connection. Yog means connecting. An alignment. After that you have to connect your five bodies and your mind. You have to connect to the universe that is infinite. It is said that I have an individual mind and the universe has a cosmic mind. I have to merge my mind and the cosmic mind into one. I have to connect my mind to the universe so that it gets transformed into the cosmic mind. This has been the actual definition of yoga. It had been said that since you are a human being sorrow and happiness will be parts of your life. Happiness is ok. That is right. Sorrow is wrong. What is your actual form? I am not a human being. I am illumination. I am being of light. My basic existence is that of true internal bliss. I am the light that is omnipresent. I am omnipresent. I am the true internal bliss. I have got this body so that I can explore my inner self with the help of it. Basically you are full of happiness. You are full of light. And the purpose of your life is to explore your inner self with the help of this body. It means all the Shiv Yogis should remain in the state of true internal bliss.