You are made of Seven Elements

You are not made of five elements, you are made of seven elements. Purification of your elements connect you to your final element. Earth element is pure. The water element is rhythmic. Earth element means rigidity. If you keep a pebble or stone which is an earth element it will stay there. It will not change the shape and water element will take the shape of a vessel. It is poured in so that is the quality of adaptability. Where it was purified it changed to water element. So it changes from rigidity to adaptability. Rigidity make you rigid. You change to adaptability. In every situation I am ready to adapt. So it became water. After that the next element is fire element. Fire burns every physical body, every physical thing and converts into energy. Only heat energy remains and then is the air element. Air is not visible but is too powerful. It can uproot the countries. Meteorological department now and again alters about cyclone or tornado. It takes any shape. After that is the element purification. The next element is the sky element. It is not all visible it's nothingness but it engulfs the entire universe. Universe takes its form there and it ends in it. This is element purification.

First step to element purification that's why you need to meditate daily. After that the next element is something not told to all. Above sky element is guru element because it has the knowledge of sky the wisdom of universe. That is the guru element. It is the paramount of nothingness and it controls all the elements. If there is a deficiency of guru element then all the remaining elements will go haywire.

Our root chakra is the earth element. Sacral chakra is the water element. Solar plexus chakra is the fire element. Heart chakra is the air element. Throat chakra is the sky element and this third eye chakra is the guru element. If your third eye chakra is closed in your life force body then this all chakras will get misaligned. The first step in meditation is to activate the third eye chakra. It's the principle of 'Yog' meditation. The inner yoga, third eye chakra is opened first and when you are blessed by a guru then the next element, the paramount element is the crown chakra. It's closed by petals and this is connected with the universe. It is connected with the cosmic consciousness. When you are given mantra by guru you must have felt pressure here because these petals start to open. When there is 'Shaktipath' it starts opening up. When it opens completely, then universe, the energy of universe it starts to enter in body. You become one with the god. It is also said, the crown chakra is the heart chakra of lord Shiva so I become the part of his heart chakra. You become the beneficiary of his mercy and his love. I start receiving the grace of lord Shiva. When my crown chakra opens up. This is all symbolically.