The Secret Mantra

It is not a religious Mantra. It is a Sound. Energy, Vibration, Physical Matter. Einstein formula E=MC2.

That means Vibration give rise to Energy and that Energy give rise to Physical Matter. My belief which I perceive give rise to subtle Vibrations. Those beliefs give rise to my thought process. They create Vibrations. Those vibrations give rise to Energy and that Energy creates Me. That give rise to myself. That means I am sum total of the beliefs which I am carrying.

Whatsoever I am in totality, my belief, my faith, my thought process makes me my physical structure. My action, reaction, my behavior makes me rich or rages, make me successful or failure. All those things depend on that subtle Vibrations which give rise gross Vibrations. Which gives rise to Energy. Which finally make me. I am healthy or ill. All these depends on my belief system.