Power to Choose


Only man has the right to choose. A man can either lead to his downfall or he can choose to elevate himself to a higher level. You can choose for yourself. An ignorant man chooses to keep continuing amongst 84 hundred thousand lives. Otherwise you can choose to be one with God. It's you who can choose. Let's begin from the bottom, the worst is 84 thousand births. Average is the human birth, better than it is being a good being, proceeding with it is attaining Godliness. You have the right to choose. Choose whatever is best for you. Choose the excellent. Make it a habit to perform excellently. Everything should be excellent. I choose my thoughts. We have the power to think. Animals can't think, we can. You can choose your thoughts. You can think badly, below average, average, better, good or excellent. You will become what you think of. You can choose as per your wish. Choose only positive and excellent. Have confidence in yourself. Visualize your wishes. We always visualize or problems. We keep thinking of our problems only. What is a problem? It's a negative thought. It's below average. We have to change it. Or we can stick to it. If a problem has occurred you can stick to it by continuously thinking about it. You can keep sulking and blaming others. You can keep blaming the world. You will create the same in life. If I decide not compromise. Then I can decide to let it go and change things for better. I have to create good things in life now. The health of my family members should be excellent. They should be completely healthy. They should behave properly. Start visualizing the same. When you create the vibrations, the energy will be produced that will lead to positive incidents in life.