Our Spiritual Guides

We all are not alone here. We all have our spiritual guides. Depending on your level of spirituality and your level of purity, you have your spiritual guides. And they are in the form of astral beings. And their job is to guide you to the right path, their job is to help you achieve that ultimate knowledge and ultimate truth. They keep on messaging you but when we are too engrossed in the physical world, and we are overwhelmed by our sufferings and our negative emotions, we try to destroy someone. We start vibrating at extremely low frequency. And at that very moment the voice of God, the voice of the self we become incapable to hear that. Although every moment you get guidance. You have your own mentor who guides you. The people who are completely pure, they have experienced that they could clearly hear their mentor guiding them to the right path. The spiritual guides always guide and their only interest in life is in your spiritual progress. Their only aim is to protect you from sufferings and lead towards the ultimate happiness, and help you become successful. Their only goal is to free you from hopeless situation to the one where you can be one with God. You all have such spiritual guides. Everyone has spiritual guides. And this mantra, it has power and influence over the physical world and the astral world as well. This whole cosmos, the universe originated as a form of light. When there was nothing, then there was only light. And we call it ‘Jyotirlinga'. Radiating body is the most incorporeal state of body. And the fifth body which you attain is the radiating body. It is said ‘nobody goes nowhere and comes from nowhere. Every master is omnipresent. Every mentor is present everywhere. You just need to ask him. Only you have to learn to seek and ask for the help and you will find your mentor in front of you'. Because it is the rule of nature, everyone is helping everyone. All the higher beings are helping the lower beings. And everybody's sole agenda is to pull everyone up and take them to the light the source. To take you back to that state of consciousness from where you have come.