Mistakes we all make in life:

We always blame our parents for what we are today. We think by giving birth our parents are responsible for what we have done in the past or what is happening with us in life.

Babaji says we own 100% responsibility for our own destiny. What is happening or what we are today is because what we have done (good or bad) in the past (or Karmas we collected in our past life etc.)

When we are born it is not our parents who decide who we are going to give birth, it is our SOUL who decides before it enters into mother's womb who's going to be my parents or family etc and what kind of life we want to experience after we are born.

There are two type of Horoscopes (our Future prediction).

1. Horoscope (Our Future) our parents give us after we are born made by the Pandit Ji. He reads our past life and make teva based on our past life. This is changeable.

2. Horoscope (Our Future) we create during our present life. We can create our Horoscope by positive action, emotions and thinking plus Sadhna, Seva, Sankeertan etc.


Mistake we all make. We all say I am right and everyone else in the world is wrong.

One day a person thought too many wrong things are happening in the world and decided that he is going to change the world. He said once he decide where to start then he is going to do it.

He forgot that there are more than 2 billion people and it will take 150 years or more to cover all the people he would need to change.

Baba Ji says there is nothing wrong in the world. All you have to do is change yourself little and see how beautiful this world is.