Shiv Yog is Knowingness

Shiv Yog is knowingness. You have to pay attention to it. A family encounters problems when members of the family develop animal traits within themselves. Developing the animal trait means the feeling of overpowering the other. The desire to control the other. When a daughter-in-law comes in the family the mother-in-law wants to overpower her. If the daughter-in-law is powerful, she would control her husband and wish to overpower the mother-in-law. This is the animal tendency. After that like animal, you start developing a herd mentality and form groups within the family. The feeling of governing someone develops hatred. This results in stress in the entire family.

Which energy is developed by stress?

Stress produces negative energy. The concept of joy and sorrow, try analyzing it with a different prospective. Try to identify the energy associated with the emotion.

There are only two energies positive energy and negative energy.

What are the qualities of positive energy? What are the traits of a positive person? What happens when one is positive?

If you have positive energy in you, it develops health within you. Good health. It develops good values in children. If there is positive energy in the house, it will lead to positive impressions in the family. If the energy is positive then it will bring prosperity. If there is positive energy everyone will be happy. If there is positivity in the family there will be love amongst the family members. If there is a positive energy, everyone will stay united with each other. The family will stay together.

If there is negative energy, it leads to illness and diseases in the family. People will be sad and unhappy. If the family is financially sound, the money will be misused. Consumption of alcohol. Consuming alcohol is the biggest sin. A man commits many sins but after consuming alcohol he doesn't develop animal trait but becomes an animal himself. He becomes an animal. And an animal can commit any sin. He has lost his capability to think. This is the beginning of committing a sin. If you have an instrument with you then measure the energy of a normal man or measure the energy of an efficient meditator and then let him consume alcohol. Then measure his energy again. You will find that his energy is completely destroyed and his positive energy has dropped to zero. He has started emitting negative energy. So misuse of money is a very big loss. Gradually, prosperity starts decreasing in the family. There won't be any children in the family and if there are any, they will be arrogant. They would indulge into bad habits. Such a negative family suffers a downfall. It falls into the trap of 8400 thousand births. Whereas a happy family proceeds towards prosperity. If a person fails to complete his journey within a lifetime then he gets born in a good family, experiences happiness and completes his spiritual journey this time.

That's why if you want to become a Shiv Yogi then stop try to rule others in your family. Leave your ego and feeling of supremacy. You have to develop unconditional love for all the members of your family. A person has no right to ruin everyone's life. A man commits a sin by destroying his life. And if he ruins the lives of all the people connected with his on the karmic level, he has to bear the punishment of uncountable sins. This is the theory of karma.

That's the reason accept your family members the way they are. Forgive people. Forgiveness. People don't forgive easily. The person has changed into a better human being. Learn to forgive. But the other one keeps repeating that he has suffered a lot earlier so he won't forgive the person. If you forgive him positive energy will be produced. If you don't do it. Negative energy will be produced.

What do we get from negative energy?

Illness, poverty, failure, mental disturbance. And your life goes in vain. That's the reason you should be careful about your thoughts and behavior. The cause of illness, as confirmed by WHO, is 80% psychosomatic it depends on your thoughts.

And what are they? Negative thoughts. Where do they come from?

They come when you don't accept the people the way they are. These are some of the factors. Try to analyze it within your family. All kinds of people exist in the world but you don't care about them. But when it comes to people associated with your karmic circle it makes a difference. Illness develops due to this. Bee it the knee-pain, psoriasis, eye problems, or forgetfulness. Be it the weakness in the body, heart disease or liver disease or multiple sclerosis. There are many more diseases. The root cause is the negative thought process. The psychosomatic factors.

What is the psychosomatic factors?

We aren't accepting our family members the way they are. We are trying to change everyone. In earlier times, the mother-in-law used to sweep and clean the house. We have vacuum cleaner these days. After the daughter-in-law comes in you can also have a domestic help. You had to do it on your own in old times. All the difficult household chores were done by the housewives of the family. Times are changing now but the mother-in-law wants the daughter-in-law to sweep and mop the house.

Have you thought of the price you'd have to pay for it? Are you ready to pay the price? Disturbance in the family. What do you want? Do you want happiness in the family or not?

If your son earns well it would be wiser to buy a vacuum cleaner. If you can afford, have a domestic help. But we prefer disturbance in the family instead. The daughter-in-law isn't willing to accept the family. She asks her husband to shift to a new house with her. There are only four members in the family. Parents and the young couple. But the daughter-in-law wants to stay separately. The negative factors don't bring prosperity. They don't bring any contentment or happiness.

The first sign of good health is to give love and to receive love.

The Shiv Yog healing. What does it teach you? To give love. What's that love?

The healing energy of Lord Mahamrityunjaya is his love towards you. The ascended ones have meditated intensively to receive it. This is the love from the ascended ones given to Shiv Yogis. You are the ones to receive it. Now you have to pass on this love and healing to your family members. Give love. When they become happy then don't scram them away. That's where you go wrong. Receive love.

Give love and receive love. This is the biggest healing. If you want to get rid of your ailments then learn to give love to your family members. (Love is not what you celebrate on Valentine's Day) It's about the people in your family. Give love and receive love. WHO approved that 80% root cause of any ailment is psychosomatic. And Shiv Yog says that 100% root cause of any ailment. Be it any ailment, the root cause of it is 100% psychosomatic. It is due to your emotions.

Which Emotions?

It depends on the emotions that you feel towards the people who are present around you. This determines your health. Not just the family disturbances but even if your children aren't married, you start worrying. That's also a factor. This is the reason people are suffering from many diseases. We haven't learnt to manage our relationships but merely read the Bhagwat Gita. We don't try to understand it.

People in India have a tendency to think very highly of themselves. You don't know the basic values and you boast about being knowledgeable. You don't look at yourself. You have to learn the basic fundamentals.

If you have to progress spritely, the first thing is to accept the others the way they are. As soon as this happens racial discrimination won't exist anymore. Accept everyone the way they are. Accept your family members the way they are. Say that accept them the way they are.

The next step to learn, if you want to become a good healer is to practice forgiveness. I forgive everyone. When you develop this feeling of forgiveness only then you will be able to do something in life. If you aren't able to forgive anyone and keep sulking over it then you will suffer pain in your life and after death, you will wander as a spirit. Or you will be born again in the same circumstances to create the same situation. So it's better to forgive. But you have to forgive from the heart and not superficially.

The third thing that you have to learn for being a Shiv Yogi is to give unconditional love. I love everyone unconditionally. These three things are not so easy. You'll have to work hard. It's easy to love the one who loves you. But in Shiv Yog you have to learn to love those who are against you. Just like a sun shines to give light and it doesn't discriminates between the ones who are sun-worshippers and those who are not. Your basic nature is unconditional love. If you practice these three things your life will become better.

After that stop stressing yourself. Observe the difference, you aren't getting angry but you are showing your anger. Both are equally wrong. When you get angry, it affects you emotionally. If you are too stressed out and are short-tempered, you'll contract gall-bladder stone. It's very simple. If you have been assigned a task and you think you can't handle it then you will suffer from knee-pain. Lack of confidence.

Einstein's principle of quantum physics E=mc2. Vibration produces energy and energy produces physical reality. Vibrations are produced by your belief system. Those beliefs are engraved within you. There can be a positive or a negative belief system. You have to change it. But it's not that simple to do. It's very difficult to change the belief system of a person. The process of changing it is through Shiv Yog. Because it is necessary to reach the causal body through Shiv Yog Meditation. It's necessary to ascend to your fourth body. It is very important to release the negativity that is generated.

It has also been written in many books that if you change your thoughts you can change your life. It is true. You become what you think all day long. You become what you think during the entire day. But if someone asks you to change your thoughts you may do it for a while but in few hours you'll be the same. You will be same as before.


It's because your thoughts are governed by your belief system. You have to change the belief to change your thoughts. Change your belief. How would you change the belief if you can't even change a thought? Your belief can be changed by your heaped karma and your impressions. The psychic impressions of the incidents occurred in your life. So you need such a meditation that can release the impressions, the karmic layers and negative psychic impressions within you. It will happen with the Shiv Yog meditation. When the healing begins you will see that the karmic layers will be dissolved. As soon as they get dissolved your beliefs will start changing. Those karmic layers should be dissolved. The psychic impressions should be released.

Everyone reacts accordingly to the impressions. This is the theory of karma.

The theory of karma says cause and effect. It means there's a reaction towards all the incidents of life. You react. If there are 100 people they will react differently to a same incident. They'll react in 100 different ways. They will react in such a way because all the 100 people have different psychic impressions. The incident is the same. That's why when you see the energy pattern, the incident forms only 3% of it. And your reaction towards that 3% is the other 97%. So if you don't react to any incident there won't be any change.