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During my school years I have many experiences in life. We were living in Saiwal, my sister Parvati chose to live in Sargodha. It was 20 miles from Saiwal. When ever we had to go Sargodha to attend marriages we had to go on Camel or Bagghee. Baghee did not had rubber tire but it was iron tire because in those days there were omly kacha roads and it was so difficult to go there Half the distance we had to walk with the bughee and rest half the distance the body use to get tire because of jerks on the road. It use to get three days to recover. In sargodha also we had to go attend marriages in Saiwal. We went to attend marriage of my sister Parvati's brother in law. We had to go on camel. Camel was going left and right and the journey got so tired. There use to be no cars in those days.

In Prince of Whales college in Jammu even though I was an average student but I was chosen leader of student union. We were fighting for freedom from british empire. We used to take over the procession against the british empire. We used to go on strike and burn foreign cloths under the guidence of Mahatma Gandhi which he wanted. Once we were caught by police. Some how I manage to escape but many class mates were arrested. After that Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir made resolution that no student will be admitted in college who participate in strikes. Which was the great lost to the students because education in that state was practically free. After passing exam I went to Banaras Hindu University. There again I was engaged in politics and national propaganda which was not related to study. I was elected secretary and became member of parliament. When Jawaher lall nehru came out of Jail I went to invite him to give lecture in the university. Due to one of the student's brother who was private secretary of nehru he agreed to come and deliver lecture provided that Malviaji will preside there. Without taking senction with Malviya ji. I agreed. After arranging the lecture I informed the secretary of malviya ji. He said who's permission did you agreed. It was very bad situation. Malviya ji who was in Allahabad agreed to come. Nehru ji passed very critical remarks about Malviya ji because he was president of Hindu sabha. Lecture was attended by 50,000 people. University passed resolution to expell me from the university because inviting political leader without any ones permission. My principal told them since no order has been passed to the student not to invite I was forgiven at that time and it was passed for the future. From there I got my degree and went to find a job. During my christmas period one month leave I worked in sugar mill belonging to Birla. They were very impressed and asked me to come when I graduate. Our financial situation was not good so I went to Malviya Ji to get letter from him for salary of Rs.25/month. I got Rs. 100 with Free banglow and servant etc. which was tremandous amount those days. No one at home believed me. After one year of working I went home and could not come back because my mother got ill. No doctor could diagnose her problem. She had pain in the stomach and those days technology was not that advance. So they could not diagnose the trouble. One of the doctor said she had ulcer in her stomach. She had water in her stomach which was dried up with medicines. One suggested we should take her to civil surgon. She died in shock because doctors wanted to see her stomach and other parts. Three months later she died. I felt like not working but had no source of income so I was bound to find work full time.

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