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My father Shree Harbans Lall Khetarpal, son of Lala Arjun Dass Khetarpal, told this story. We, the Khetarpal's came from Middle East via Iran and then came to Bilochistan and settled in Sindh and then moved to Punjab. Our family first settled in Multan and then in Saiwal. Our profession was trade bringing different material from different stations on horses. There are four casts in India. We belong to class known as Aroras.

We were told that our great grand father was Lala Khan Chand. He started his trade business in Saiwal, district Shahpur of Punjab. He had two sons. The eldest son was Lala Moti Ram and second son was Lala Duni Chand. Lala Duni Chand had three sons. Eldest Lala Gurdattamal. Second was my father Lala Arjun Dass and third son was Lala Bhagwant Dass. My eldest uncle Lala Gurdattamal use to look after the land we had in village known as Hinduwan and we use to live in Saiwal which was a tahseel. A town where population was about 30,000. Hinduwan was only three miles from our house and once or twice a week we use to go there. My father Lala Arjun Dass took over the trade business from his father Lala Duni Chand. We had inherited so much wealth that they never counted the money but they use to weigh the money which use to be in coins. Put in the bags and stored in the end of the room. This wealth continued ten years after the death of our grand father Lala Duni Chand. He died in 1905 due to plaig which took 25% of the population. After few years my father wanted to expand the business so he went to shipment markets of Punjab and established shops in different mundies. He himself was so careless that he passed on all the business to his partners who cheated him with the result he lost all the wealth which he inherited from his father. After two years he found out that one of his partner, who was from Multan, with his partnership took his agency of cotton whom we were supplying cotton to Japan. In that business we made lot of money. Again he used to depend upon his employees. They always cheated him. With the result he lost that agency also. Then he had a shop in sargodha mandi of doing "b" trade business so called satta business. In satta business he made money. Then my uncle (mother's brother) came and started helping his business. He started shop along with his partnership in the business they made lot of money. With the money coming they started overtrade with the result they suffered a heavy loss and that shop had to be closed. There after he could not do much except he use to do brokerage business. He hardly made money to manage.

We are six brothers. Eldest brother Radha Krishan, second Attarchand, then I, Harbans Lall, then twin brothers Ramnath and Lachhman Dass and number six Hans Raj. We had two sisters. Shreemati Parvati Devi and Shreemati Deviki Rani. In the beginning we used to live in our own house in saiwaL which was a very big house with 15 rooms. We were on second and third floor. Part of first floor was occupied by lala Motiram and his wife. (my grand father's brother). He had one son who died in his early age.

I took my education upto 5th class in saiwal. Radha Krishan studied in saiwal upto 10th class. Then he went to college. Attarchand studied up to 8th class because there was no high school at that time. After 5th class my father was doing business in sargodha and he wanted all of us to shift there. I joined sanatan dharam high school where I studied up to 10th class. My younger brothers also studied in sanatan dharam high school up to 10th class. Those days it was customary not to give education to the girls. My elder sister Parvati only studied till 3rd class and only learned gurumukhi. Second sister Devki studied up to 4th class in girls school and also left the school because when girl get old they were not allowed to go out of the house. After passing high school I went to study college education in Prince of Whales college in jammu. I studied inter there for three years. Than I went to Banaras Hindu college for further studies and got my degree in Chemical Engineering. I actually went to study electrical and mechanical engineering but I could not get admission there so I got in chemical engineering.

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