Law of Karma
Distinct features of the Law of Karma
Definition of Karma
Three Categories according to their stages
Method of Performing
Human Desires

Law of Karma is the law of
1. Action and reaction
2. Cause and effect
3. Effort and destiny

Distinct features of the Law of Karma
1. This law is Eternal
2. This law is universal
3. This law is Applicable
4. This law is Totally Perfect
5. There is not a single Exception

Definition of Karma
“Each and every physical action or deed that you perform with the cooperation of the mind, right from morning to evening, during the whole day and night, during the whole week, whole month, whole year and during the whole of your life right from birth to death is called Karma”.

Three Categories according to their stages:
Kriyaman Karma: An action done at the spur of a moment or time in the present tense, which instantaneously bears fruit and results in reaction then and there.
Sanchit Karma (Cumulative): The actions done but not yet ripe to give fruits immediately or on the spot but take some time to get ripened.
Prarabdha Karma: Those actions out of the accumulated Sanchit Karma which have now become ripe and are ready to give fruits. They are commonly known as destiny, luck, fate, fortune etc.

Method of Performing:
There are three types of persons in this world
1. Satvik: (of pious mentality and motives)
2. Rajsik (of selfish mentality and motives)
3.Tamsik (of crooked or slovenly mentality and motives)
You get only that much which is destined to you
Your Prarabdha of this birth is designed just appropriately and proportionately equal to your efforts (Kriyaman Karmas) of your past births; and strictly according to this prarabdha you get birth in a particular specific country, caste, creed and race.

Human Desires
1. Dharma (Ethics, Religion)
2. Artha (Wealth- Materialistic objects)
3. Kama (Enjoyment – Desire to enjoy wealth for sense gratification)
4. Moksha (Liberation- Emancipation from the cycle of birth and death)

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