Karma: What is Karma?

Karma is negative energy accumulates in your body when you do any negative action.

If you do something positive it goes in your body and mix with your positive energy. But when you think in your mind, Imagine emotionally or do physically anything negative it goes in your body as negative energy and accumulated in your settle body is called Karma.

Babaji says nothing is free in this world. You have pay back your Karmas you accumulated is called Debt. You pay back by Losing some thing in your life is called up-bhoga and this process is very slow. It could be financial loss, long term sickness, losing your Job or business loss, death in your family, property loss etc.

Or It can be repaid by doing "Sadhna, Seva, Sankirtan" and this is a fast process. Who does all three things does not suffer (DUKH) in life or have beautiful life.