I, Parvin Kumar Khetarpal, am descendent of Shri Barbat Lal Khetarpal’s from Sahiwal, India (now Pakistan). My grand father Shri Arjan Das Khetarpal and my father Shri Harbans Lal Khetarpal were born in Sahiwal. before 1947, we moved to Meerut, Uttar pradesh, India where I was born on June 27, 1952. My mother, Shri Mati Satya Vati Khetarpal was born in Peshawar in Batra family.

Since my birth I have been going to listen lectures of great knowledgeable Mahatmas, listened lectures on TV and read few books about Life. I found many of the books are too long and very confusing. One day it came in my mind that what ever I learnt about life, I should put in writing. I found that it was not that easy.

When I started writing, many questions came in my mind. What is life? When life started? Who am I? Where I came from? Why I am here? How long I will be here? Where will I go after death? etc. etc.

In this book I tried to put every topic in short, to the point, and in simple language, not exceeding two to four pages long each chapter.

Parvin Khetarpal

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