How Energy Flows In Our Body

You are the creator of your own Destiny. Whatever you created is in your settle bodies. As you proceed in your Meditation you are able to reading and accessing the settle bodies. Amongst the 72 lakh nadies 72 thousand prime nadies there are 3 major nadies. They are called Solar, Lunar and Central cord Serpentine and nadies run parallel to your spinal cord is called central (sushumna) canal. Two other nadies intersect both each other they are called Lunar (Ida) serpentine and Solar (Pida) serpentine. They are called the Sun and Moon Nadies. The right nadie symbolizes Sun is called Pighla. The left nadie symbolizes Moon is called Ida. There are three serpentine they start from Root Chakra, tip of the spine. It is the origin of these three serpentines originating from there. The central canal ends the Crown Chakra (Sahastrarth) the solar and lunar serpentines end at Nose. They start from root chakra. It is the origin of all the three serpentines. The straight pipe is the central canal. This is parallel to your spinal cord. The two nadies that intersecting together intersect at multiple points on spinal cord they run along with central canal. They are the solar and lunar serpentines this is the base of your entire energy. The one who gains control over this energy gains the control of his atheric body. Many powers get activated within him. The Kundalini power lay dormant in you it is the power of cautiousness. The power of cautiousness is presence in everyone. At the time of Shaktipath the kundalini rises up. It rises up in the central canal. It intersects the Chakras. The blockages connected with the emotions of physical bodies. Emotions of ego and emotions of the belief systems. These are our ignorance. These are depicted by psychic nodes. “Brhma Granthi”, “Vishnu Granthi” and “Rudra Granthi”. Our ignorance lie in the form of blockages. When the kundalini rises the nodes are unfolded and the kundalini reaches the Crown Chakra (Sahastra). This flows in the form of energy. The energy of the practitioner rises. When you are angry or you have an unresolved issue the energy flows downward at that time or if there is a greed or sorrow anger or resentment it flows downwards. When you are peaceful it rises upwards.