Do and Don't

Total detoxification at physical level (Toxins in the Physical body)

Eat healthy food. Do not eat junk food and fattening food which can harm your body.

Physical negative toxins get released by Bowel, Urination, Sweating, Breathing exercises and Pranayama

Total detoxification at emotional level (Emotional toxins) Avoid Stress. Mental stress, and emotional stress. It gets accumulated

We collect belief within us which is negative energy.

Einstein scientific formula vibration give birth to energy, energy gives birth to physical reality.

I am the sum total of belief which I am carrying. If I am ill then it is due to my own belief.

You have to make sure that you from your physical body, from your emotional body, from your mental body, from your spiritual body, this negative belief it's a kind of instance, release them.

Forgive everyone, except everyone the way they are, love everyone unconditionally.

Do not hate anyone, compare with anyone.

If you say something and if other person likes it means you created positive karma.

If you say something and if other person gets hurt means you created negative karma. Avoid doing this.

Do not say anything, think or do physically bad for anyone. By doing this you are creating negative karma.

Total detoxification at mental level (Negative psychic impression): Do Meditation. Do Sadhna, Seva (Nishkaam seva) and Sankirtan.

Total detoxification at spiritual level (Karmic toxins): Do Meditation