Everything has consciousness

Be it a house or an event. According to Shiv Yog everything has its own consciousness. Like we believe that planet earth is non-living. But still it do have its consciousness. House is believed to be non-living. But it do has a soul and consciousness. This is also mentioned in Indian ancient scriptures.

When we do “vastu” ritual, then we invoke lord of Vastu there. In that ritual, so many god and goddesses are invoked and they are present in every corner. So we can say that every house has its own consciousness. Every work that you begin with, say a project, it too has its own consciousness, it too has a soul, and if your energy level is low, then work you begin with too would have low frequency. If its frequency would be low then it would be a failure not a success. If there is a relationship consider it as object, and see a soul in it. Everyone has a soul. If you have any task ahead of you, or there is a situation that you wish to heal. Visualize that situation as a being present in front of you. Visualize the soul in the center of that being. Consider any project that you are going to begin. You are worried if it will be successful or not. Will I succeed or not? Visualize that the whole project has a shape and a soul inside. A bright light as you visualize in you. See the same light in it. Invoke the energy in the same way and connect the God with that light. Connect the earth with that light. Transfer the energy in it and feel that the whole project to be illuminated. There is no darkness in it now. Darkness is failure. Failure is darkness. Illumination is success. Feel that it is illuminated. It has become illuminated. It means the message that is in the form of vibration. Will be decoded as success. You can heal any situation in this way.

If two people are fighting in a relationship make them stand together and visualize their relationship as a separate identity view the core soul in it. Transfer light in it. If the differences are very strong, there will be a darkness. Keep transferring the light. When you feel that it's beginning to illuminate then send the light to the god and connect with the core soul. Then connect the light to the earth because this is your place of action. Soul of the earth should be connected it has to have the grounding. Connect it to the light. Keep sending the light. Let the whole relationship be illuminated completely. Chant OM for a few minutes every day. Start chanting Shri Vidya Mantras after you learn them. Try doing this and you will observe an immense radiance. After some time when you observe in silence you will find the two people who were fighting have started befriending each other. Suddenly they are surprised to find that their dispute has dissolved automatically and they are developing attraction towards each other. You can heal any relationship in this manner. Any incident or a future event whose success or failure keeps you worried can be healed.

It's your child's exam and you are worried about what will happen. Just think of your son and the exam as an identity in front of him. There is a core soul in that. Transfer the energy in it. Let that soul be brightened. Let it be completely illuminated. Connect it to supreme God. Connect to the earth to it. Keep transferring the energy and you will gradually observe that his exam be it of any subject is completely illuminated. In that brightness visualize the marks that you want. Just send the light and you will find that your children are doing very well. You have to heal the situation in advance and have to remove the hurdles and darkness that are to arise. You have to understand that you are made of vibrations too. The situations around you are also made of vibrations. Your house is also made of vibrations. We have to remove the vibrations of lower frequency from it. You have to remove the darkness. Bring the light in your house, bring the light in your job, and bring the light in you work, bring the light in your relationship, bring the light in your body, and you are a being of light so live in the bright light. That should be the Shiv Yog philosophy.