These are Four Stages and not the Cast-ism : - Shudra, Vaishnav, Kshatriya and Brahmin

The Cast-ism you perceive to be you are fooling yourself that the perception of the cast is by Birth.

Actually by birth everyone is “Shudra” until he has been parted knowledge by his Master. He is “Shudra” until his Kundalini power is resides in root chakra he is Shudra. Shudra has nothing to do with cast-ism. Don't be mistaken. He is buried deep and his Master saves him.

You might belong to any clan. These are four stages and not caste. These are the stages of consciousness which we misjudge by branding ourselves.

The Master begins and asks disciple to be.

“Vaishnav” doesn't mean to earn profit. We perceive to be a businessman. Vaishnav means that you become intelligent enough to distinguish good from bad. The intelligence which can distinguish good and bad. This is good for you and would benefit you and this would damage you etc.

The awakening of consciousness through meditation is taught by the Master. He tells him that I have initiated. Now it's you who have to further walk on the path and if he does as the master says. It's him which activates the power within himself and then he gets transformed into “Kshatriya”.

The one who can overcome his limitations, the one who can overcome his negative believes and crush them, the one who can crush all the blockages is the Kshatriya.

And further consciousness. The first one is “Brahma Granthi” if this gets opened then one become Vaishya. Consciousness when further ascends reaches heart chakra which is “Vishnu Granthi” when this gets opened he becomes Kshatriya. Further consciousness ascend further which is Rudra Granthi when this gets opened he become Brahmin.