By: Sasha Khetarpal

Life started billions of years ago through the gigantic energy. The Hindus named it Om. Some people call it Om-kaar. Later it was converted into embodiment that was known as Maha Devi or Maa. Maha Devi (the Supreme Goddess) is the mother of three gods of life. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. These three gods gave life to the earth with Brahma opening his eyes and forming the earth. Vishnu breathes life into the earth. Shiva played his Dumroo (a small Drum) and let life be moving forever. As well as creating the earth they also made five elements of life: fire, water, earth, air and ether. These five elements each had their own gods but under the three who created them. Brahma created human, Demons, gurus (priests) and other gods. Vishnu preserves the continuity of life and Shiva took the role of ending the life called Death.

Vishnu’s first wife was Saraswati (goddess of River). She was the daughter of Sun God. She was the first goddess who married one of the three creators of the world. Soon after Vishnu gave her to Brahma because he was all-alone. Then on she became goddess of wisdom. Once all the gods were created, they had to create the other creatures of the world. So they did it through Nava (the hundred-headed snake that guarded Vishnu and tied it around a rock. This rock was in the middle of milky ocean). Swaying milky ocean with the demons pulling on one side and the gods on the other side of the snake. From the foam of the milky ocean came the goddess Lakshmi (goddess of love, beauty and wealth). Vishnu and Lakshmi got married. Poison also came from the swaying of the milky ocean. Shiva took the poison and drank it and from then on he is always depicted blue. Shiva got married to the female version of himself (the goddess Kali). Goddess Kali is the mother goddess as well as the goddess of destruction. Shiva’s second wife was Sati and then the third wife was Parvati.

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