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Hello, My name is Parvin Kumar Khetarpal. Born on June 27, 1952 in Meerut, (UP) India, I did my early schooling in Meerut in Daya Nand Vidya Mandir School located in the Cantonment, next to Bombay Bazar on West End Road. After doing high school in 1967 from Sanatan Dharam High School located on West End Road in Cantonment, I came to USA for visit and stayed for 1 ½ year. I went to Melrose High School for 6 months in 1967, then in Malden High school in 1968 for one year, I went back to Meerut, India and completed my two year (1969-1971) Intermediate. Then did B.Com from Meerut Collage in 1971-1973. We then decided to come back to USA for permanent and on October 6, 1973 I with my family came to Boston, Massachusetts.

In 1974, I started working in New England Financial Insurance Company in Customer Services dept. In 1981 I went back to India and found my dream girl Miss Anita Chawla and got married on November 23, 1981. I have two beautiful smart kids, son Anuj and daughter Natasha.

After my company merging with Metropolitan Life Insurance and was relocated from Boston, Massachusetts to Warwick, Rhode Island, on March 31, 2002, I decided to retire.

In this web site, I tried to concentrate 'Family Tree and Photos' of my (Khetarpal: my father's side, Batra: my mother's side and Chawla: my wife Anita's family side) family and few other important links, which can be useful for every day Internet users.

Hope you will have lots of fun surfing this website.

Thank you

Parvin Khetarpal


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