Shiv Yog Meditation or The Process of Detoxification

The body created by God is so well crafted that if a disease comes you can remove it at the same instant. This is the system in your body that you have to know. Medical science believe in it, they have already adapted it.

The body that we have got is made of small cells. It is made of 50 trillion cells. After some time, each cell disintegrates or dies. It turns into atoms. The cells are disintegrating every moment. If it keeps disintegrating we will disappear in a few days. There will be no body left. We will become invisible. This doesn't happen. As soon as a cell disintegrates, a new one develops. Cells are regenerating and degenerating. Every organ, be it the heart or the eyes, or any other organ. It takes 3 or 4 weeks for all the cells to disintegrate and create a new organ. If after few months someone ask you to show me a six month old cell, you will say sorry I don't have its gone and new one has come. The interesting thing is if there is a disease if your liver or heart is damaged, or the artery is blocked, or you have a problem in your eyes, or there is a problem in your pancreas or stomach, when a new cell generates why it isn't a fresh one? Why is the diseased cell taking birth again? God has granted us a chance we have a life for 100 years. After every six months God keeps replacing our cells. It's up to you, what do you create?

However, Scientists didn't acknowledged it. When studying cellular biology and genetics, you get to know that cellular multiplication, when a cell dies, how does a new cell begins? It is created from the nucleus of the cells. So, the scientists made a story that the disease is genetic. Which means if any of your family member had a disease, the child will inherit the same.

NO! This is not genetic. It is proven now. This is your belief. As during cellular multiplication, whether to produce a healthy cell or a diseased cell depends upon the nucleus, as observed by doctors, has DNA and amino acids. The amino acids have a different structure. Either it can be a healthy cell or it can be a structure of a diseased cell.

It can be either of them. Who is the one to decide this? We say that the cell or nucleus decides it or the DNA decides it. Or you may say that you were healthy till the age of 25 years, the DNA was producing healthy cells. Suddenly, DNA got annoyed in the 26 th year that it started producing diseased cell. This means that it is not the DNA which is deciding it. Someone else is deciding it. They observed that there are signals coming from nowhere. Signals are coming in and are guiding the cells. They decide to produce healthy cells or the diseased cells.

If you realize this science the origin of these signals and correct them there it self-send the message to produce healthy cells only. Doing this, will the organ regenerate or not? Those signals produce the diseases. Why does it happen?

First factor is the presence of toxins in the body. That is why adulterated food is harmful for the body. Intake of excessive medicines is also harmful. You eat medicine for a particular disease but it damages your other organ as a side effect. That's how you become sick. It's due to excessive intake of chemicals. The toxins present in preservatives or the packaged adulterated food that we eat. It is the presence of toxins in the body. They are disturbing the signals. Due to this disturbance, the signals find it hard to produce healthy signals and they tend to replicate diseased cell at the same place. It lands up producing a diseased cell. It is so interesting that the artery that had a blockage of certain millimeter, calculates so accurately that the new diseased cells that are generated, occupy the same amount of space to create the blockage.

The God has given body, the power to generate cells in continuity. He has given that potential. He has blessed you with self-healing body. But now it is up to you. But now your signals have distorted. First signal is physical toxins.

Then comes the second signals. They are the one which disturb. The disturbing factor of the second signals are emotional toxins. Because the emotional disturbance which we call it stress. Always there is stress, mental stress, and emotional stress. It gets accumulated. This is our physical body after that corporeal body, then comes emotional body. So those signals that are going to come from emotional body to the cells are getting disturbed due to emotional toxins.

The third toxin which is there in our mental body is negative psychic impression. The one which is mentioned in our ancient scripts as impressions.

The value system that we have learned since our childhood let me elaborate on this. Even the impressions that we are carrying from our many past births, they are responsible for disturbing those signals. They are the toxins at that level.

Then is the karmic energy factors. They become the karmic toxins. Tit for tat is the law of nature. These toxins disturb those signals. They are the karmic toxins.

So the process of Shiv Yog is the process of total detoxification at physical level. Total detoxification at emotional level. Total detoxification at mental level. Total detoxification at spiritual level.

And as soon as it releases the eternity is within you. Self-realization is within you. So this Shiv Yog meditation is actually a practice of total detoxification. This Yoga, the Yog Sutra, the Yog Darshan, are nothing but a way to awaken eternity within you. And the process to awaken is the process of detoxification.