Physical body detoxification

God has provided a system that detoxifies us. All that is negative within us gets released. For that God has provided us with systems.

Bowel : First which is mentioned in the Yoga is defecation. Defecation means to get fresh in the morning. 3% detoxification body gets with getting fresh. Out of 100% toxins in the body 3% gets cleared with the bowel moment.

Urination : 7% toxins get released by urination.

Skin : Skin release 20% toxins from the body in a form of sweating. Exercises, Yoga, 4000 steps walking. If you don't walk blood circulation would be hampered. Sweating and jogging is important. It is necessary to sweat.

Breathing : 70% detoxification is done through breath. Breathing exercises and Pranayama . Months of toxic air has got accumulated within us. And this is connected to our life force because the process of breathing along with the life force goes within you. The life force energy is present in the universe. The key energy the life force energy pervades the universe. And as we breath in this life force energy enters enter our body. Practice deep breathing in and out.

The person breathing to the fullest serves for more than 100 years. Less than fullest survives for about 80 years. The person breathing with half the capacity he survives for 50-60 years. And the one who takes one third breath become memory pretty soon.