It has been said that parents are your first teachers. Then comes the teacher.

It is said, in higher dimension, every word that you utter and every thought you have decide how far you ascend. If your thoughts are good then you'd ascend higher. But if your thoughts are negative you won't go far. Don't you think that we've become experts in pulling down those whom we love? Our constant effort goes into pulling them lower. You shouldn't do this. Your thoughts give you direction. They take you wherever you want to go. If you love studying, your thoughts will make you love studying even more. If you hate studying, your thoughts will drive you to a place where you'd be judged as an illiterate. Your thoughts determine how far you go in life. Your thoughts drive your values and deeds. After you have cleansed your values and deeds, what remains is superficial. Only some negative habits are there. Now you need to turn those into positive. That can be only done if you put your own effort. You need to learn to be caring, loving and helping. This is necessary. If you want to lead yourself towards self-realization . It's very important for you to be compassionate. To have the feeling of passion and love is very important. All these principles are for everyone's benefit. Hence, there's this saying, ‘lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu', which means that, I pray to God, that everyone in the world becomes happy and can't ever be destroyed. It's indestructible. It is immortal. And lord Krishna explained in the Bhagvad Gita that you're that illumination and you're experiencing it. That indestructible and endless illumination is you. The one without any qualities and attributes or any form or physical state is the immutable, eternal absolute truth, the infinite reality. The saints meditated to a stage and experienced the infinite reality. They became the eternal absolute truth. That's where creation is initiate.

The other thing was, ‘I am self-illuminated'. There is an unlimited source of light. There is total illumination. And that light is not received from an exterior source, just like the moon gets its light from the sun, you think that the moon is enlightened. We get light from the sun. I am radiant. But, I am self-radiant. I'm self-illuminated. I'm self-lightened. I don't need light from elsewhere. I am the creator.

In Shree Vidya it says when the divine light decided to create our planet, Goddess Bhagwati also played a part in it. The illumination, which is shapeless and formless, also consisted the formless and shapeless energy of Goddess Bhagwati and hence, she created of the ‘shri chakra'. And this is my trait as well. And the vibrations that were created from the circulation of the ‘shri chakra', created the universe, a piece at a time. Hence, it's said that the fruit that you get from numerous offerings and prayers, you can get that the same fruit by praying to a ‘shri chakra' which is made perfectly. Hence, whenever you practice meditation, do it in front of the ‘shri chakra'. It will be very beneficial for you. It's important for you to have one of it at your home. When you look at the ‘shri chakra' you recollect the memories of being endless, powerful and kind. ‘Shri chakra' is worshiped by looking at it and praying it. That we start recollecting the knowledge that we had forgotten ages ago. You start recollecting the knowledge and power. And, the universe that was created by the formless illumination created the spirit and the soul. It was the supreme light called God. The Supreme Being, the father and mother. The mother and father of the universe. The supreme father, God Shiv and the supreme mother, Goddess Bhagwati. And everything that is spread is male and female energy. Even in nothingness, there is a male energy and a female energy. Both of them are spread. But they are in a formless and shapeless state. They aren't in a physical state. The Supreme Being is what creates the soul. The Supreme Being is a woman and even a man. The Supreme Being is also an endless stage. And they are what created the whole universe and its knowledge. And the knowledge is what creates life. And life can be found all over the universe. And life created the 5 great elements. The first one to be created was sky. Sky created air. Air created fire. Fire created water. And water created earth. And these 5 elements together created this body. The five bodies of the human soul are made from the five elements. The 5 bodies are made from the five elements. Everybody has a dominant element. That element is prominent. And the other 4 elements are in the weaker state. The soul, the astral body (manomay kosh) the mind body is made from the element, fire. The super casual body (gyaanmay kosh) is made of the element, air. The physical body is made of the element, sky. The casual body is made of the element, earth. But all the other elements are also created on the element of earth. All can be found on earth. And it's important to purify these elements. When we progress towards self-realization, these purified elements. The meditation of elemental purification is necessary. The purified elements are within our chakras. The root chakra (mooladhar) consists of the element of earth. The sacral chakra (swadishthan) consists of the element of water. The solar plexus (Manipur) chakra has element of fire. The heart chakra (anahat) consist of the element of air. The throat chakra (vishudi) has the element of sky within it. The third eye (agya) chakra consists of the element of guru. This body consists of 5 elements and the 2 elements beyond there are the consciousness. The consciousness. The consciousness is at the lowest level when the soul receives a body. Within your root chakra the power of ‘kundalini'. Every human being is born twice. The first when he is born to his parents. The parents give birth to this body. And those who are fortunate, those who are blessed with the protection of the guru, are given another opportunity at life. When the consciousness within is awakened, that's when its consciousness is born. First, the body was born, then its consciousness was born. Then the guru becomes one of his parent. The guru awakens his student's consciousness, and his power of ‘kundalini'. So, his consciousness is born. And as we progress through elemental purification, the consciousness keeps on rising gradually. And he should reach a state when he becomes radiant. Radiant means when the soul got a physical state, it was important for it to be trained to perfection. After which, all 5 bodies get unified and aligned to each other, this is called the control over total body. And after that, when all the bodies start vibrating at a higher level, we call that the holy body. And when the holy body vibrates at such a high rate and gets purified to such an extent, that it starts vibrating with the guru element, then we call it the resonant (naad) body. With that resonant body and with all the bodies aligned when meditation is practiced until the soul reaches the higher point of reality, and the Supreme Being is awaken within and when there is no difference between Lord Shiva and that self-that's when the radiant body is created.