The Austerity is practice in three ways.

•  Physical rigor (Pran Kriya)along with the meditation. Women is a symbol of love. Man is symbol of strength. He has a form, a firm base. Shiva is the base and Shakti established on him. If man gets week. The base become week. All the man should be full of strength. That's the reason it is most important reason is the physical rigor everybody should do it. You will have to work hard. Sweat yourself or famine power will fall down. It will be misbalance that is the reason physical rigor is very important. Religious practice, the pran kriya, Practice Yoga. When you sweat your internal impurities are released. You will be healthy and decease free.

•  The second one is austerity of speech. It is important to be aware of what you speak. Weaknesses come as a bonus. Don't get trapped. They can come in any form. Don't get distracted. Walk firmly in your path of virtues. Don't fall for illusions. Just keep your focus. Speech is the ultimate expression of your mind with the mantras from ‘durga saptashati'. It shouldn't be read silently. For that you have to recite every holy text loudly. Averse hymn, or secret text, recite it loudly. It is the beginning of the austerity of speech. Due to energy generated by it. Goddess will reside at your place. He won't bear any suffering.

•  Third is the mental austerity. Begin the charity from home. Smile often. Acknowledge all your family members and smile. Be ready to serve them. Love them very much because you are the ocean of love.