In Vedic times, the normal human life was estimated as One Hundred years, consisting of four sections of twenty-five years each.

The first twenty-five years is called the "Brahmacharya Ashram", the stage of youth or learning phase, which requires a certain discipline, guidance and purity for its full flowering.

The second twenty-five years, from ages twenty-six to fifty, is called the "Grihasta Ashram" or householder phase. This is the main time for having children and raising a family, as well as for working and fulfilling our duties to society.

The third section of twenty-five years, from ages fifty-one to seventy-five is the "Vanaprasta Ashram" or the hermitage phase. This is a time for return to contemplation and for guiding society in the distance.

The fourth and last section from seventy-six to one hundred is the "Sanyasa" or renunciation phase. The person, now an elder full of wisdom, inwardly aims to renounce all the outer goals of life. He also becomes a teacher of the spiritual knowledge and no longer partakes in social or political concerns.


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